COSME supports Kidpreneur’s 2017 Expo

Road Town, BVI, March 24, 2017 – COSME is proud to sponsor through European Union funding, the current Kidpreneur Programme developed by eCamps BVI.  The Kidpreneur Programme is a 3-month afterschool programme that takes place in British Virgin Islands for budding entrepreneurs between the ages of 10 years old and 17 years old. 

Portia Harrington, Founder and Director of eCamps British Virgin Islands gratefully acknowledges COSME’s support and donation of tablets, “ I’d like to express sincere gratitude to COSME for supporting this very important progamme, which significantly benefits our young people.” 

Campers work in teams of three to start and develop a real business.  At the end of the programme Kidpreneurs each make a presentation.  The top three teams win a sizeable cash reward to invest in their businesses. During the three-month Kidpreneur Camp students are introduced to all concepts of starting and running a business. They learn how to create a business plan, websites, public speaking, mission statements and advertising campaigns. ECamps has professionals in each of these fields to help the campers with the process over the three months.

Kidpreneur has a successful history. The first graduates and winners of the 2015 Expo will be hosting this year’s Expo on 30 March.  The 2015 winning company was NSA Customs Cases, a phone case company.  This company is still going two years later!  Another winning Kidpreneur business from 2015 that has continued building their company is Island Aromas. They produce candles and body care products.  

“When encouraging growth in an economy, it is important to build confidence and courage in youth. Programmes such as Kidpreneur not only build youth self-esteem, but also educate youth in a real-world environment about what it takes to build a successful business.” Diana Hendrickson-Fleming, COSME, Key Expert continues, “COSME supports this type of programme because it contributes to the sustainability and growth of economies through micro, small and medium size businesses.”

As this year’s Kidpreneur Camp wraps up student groups will be presenting and displaying at the Kidepreneur Expo, 30 March, 5:00pm at Maria’s By The Sea, BVI . The public is welcome to attend, admission is free.  

Who will the Kidpreneur winners be in 2017?


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